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Self lubricating oil sucker rod coupling
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 Sliding sleeve type self lubricating oil sucker rod coupling


self rotator coupling




Sliding sleeve type self lubricating oil sucker rod coupling is a type of coupling adding a coat composite of three surfaces onto the outer circle of common coupling, and spraying a corrosion resistance and antifriction welding  layer to the surface coat, with a special surface treatment technology and processing.

Make full use of self-lubricating of the antifriction layer metal, to ensure the spray welding layer remain high wear and corrosion resistance in underground harsh conditions. 



 self rotator coupling

The coupling with three antifriction arc surfaces, and its radius is the same with the inside diameter of the tube, so it rotates freely in the tubing, can ensure that the coupling contact with  the inner wall of tubing as a curved surface, changing line contact into surface contact, and centering automatically, prevent partial wear.

The composition, microstructure of coupling spray welding layer is great different with that of tubing, so as to prevent and delay the occurrence of the initial adhesive wear.

The spray welding layer suitable hardness slows down the coupling itself grinding degree of wear, and due to the specific component of spray welding layer, It will be changed into particles and transfered to the surface of the oil pipe, in the wear process between coupling surface and oil surface, which protect tubing and slow down the surface wear of tubing. Also, the particulate matter reduces the coefficient of friction between tubing and collar, to reduce the friction force.

The partial grinding technology with eccentric wear prevention, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, friction reduction function, can protect the sucker rod coupling, and can protect the inner wall of the oil pipe, thereby effectively slow down the wear between tube and rod, extending the service life and the pump inspection period.

Name of product: Sliding sleeve type self lubricating oil sucker rod coupling

Specification: Spray Metal Coupling (T coupling covered with a three surfaces spray metal coated sliding sleeve )

Sizes: 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/8”

Sleeve spray metal coating: Nickel alloy

Thickness of Coating: 0.01inch~0.02inch

Hardness of Coating: 58~62 HRC


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